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3-28-15 - OMPET has another "Not Your Average Bake Sale" at the Nacogdoches Farmer's Market Spring Fling - This year, we had Breakfast Burritos and Mini Lemon Pies for people and home made Treats for dogs by Brenda Hayter, Jane Austin's famous Mini Pound Cakes and Chocolate Chip Cookies, exquisite Lemon Lavendar Pies and delectable fudge by Michele Sprague, Mini Rum Cakes by Wendy Blount (adults only -- they are stout), Chocolate Lovers, Lemon Cranberry Bundt cakes and Pecan Apple Pie Muffins (yum) by Jan Greer, the most beautiful Easter Cupcakes you have ever seen by Jennifer Bryant, and much, much more. Our token source of testosterone and spokesperson Taz Kolb was available to talk about O'Malley to anyone who would listen. And we raised $754.80 for the OMPET!

3-20-15 - Charles and Lois Marie Bright Charitable Foundation Donates $50,000 to O'Malley PET!! -- One of the most generous donations we have every received nearly brought us to tears -- the happy kind. We are fully funded through the end of August! Michele Sprague just finished a grant application for DSHS (Texas Department of State Health Services) Animal Friendly License Plate Grant, and we should hear back about that this summer. We were awarded this grant in 2011 and 2013, and renewed in 2014. We sure hope they bless us again, as we will put the money to good use.

3-13-15 - Daily Sentinel - Program Keeps Cat Population Controlled.

3-9-15 - O'Malley Alley Cats Helps keep Ms. Brenda and her cat Bunky together! - Ms. Brenda had to relocate and desperately wanted to keep her kitty. The pet deposit for the new apartment was $250, and she could come up with only $50. Misty Mandujano and Jennifer Roberts found her temporary foster care for a few weeks while funds were raised and Bunky got caught up oj preventative health care. O'Malley volunteers raised the $200 for the deposit, and Ms. Brenda was reunited with her beloved cat. Ms. Brenda suffers from epilepsy, and needed her kitty back at home.

3-7-15 - OMPET Donates Hundreds of Towels and Blankets to Klein Shelter in Jacksonville as it Re-Opens - We couldn't put all of the towels and blankets we got from Linens for Animals to use, so we donated a whole bunch of them to a shelter in need. The towels were delivered to Jacksonville by Debbie Ireland. Thank you Debbie!

3-5-15 - OMPET Provides Special Medical Support for Cat with Congenital Heart Disease. It was noted on Axton's pre-surgical visit that she had a rather loud heart murmur. OMPET paid for cardiac tests including chest x-rays which confirmed that she was not yet in heart failure, but suffers from a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. With a special anesthetic protocol and extra TLC by our crackerjack staff, Axton came through her surgery with flying colors. Way to go OMPET Team!!

3-5-15 - Completed our 2000th surgery since opening SpayNeuterNac in 2010!!

2-26-15 - Ella Battle at Best Western South Street Donates Laser Printer to OMPET. And a whole bunch of toner to boot! She also donated large tins for pet food storage and baskets and bows to dress up bake sale items. Thank you!

2-25-15 - Kristin Wright, Stella & Dot Independent Stylist hosts Charity Jewelry Trunk Show for O'Malley PET - Thanks so much to Kristin Wright, daughter of O'Mallians Robert and Carol Ann Martin for thinking of us, and for the generous donation. We got some fab bling AND a check!

Thank You to Nacogdoches Animal Services for the continued donations of excess dog food - Since we opened our doors in February of 2013, OMPET has been blessed with many dog and cat food donations, to keep our Pet Food Pantry full. Our city animal shelter depends on donations to feed their animals -- there is no budget line item for pet food. Fortunately, donations have been so plentiful for some time that they have been able to share the bounty with our clients. Thanks to our shelter staff for all they do!!

2-21-15 - OMPET held it's First Open House and Teddy Bear Surgery O'Malley volunteers, donors, and those who just wanted to learn more about what we do visited with us from 10am-2pm. Those who had Teddy bears and other stuffed animals who needed some medical care scrubbed in with the O'Malley House Surgeons to perform the needed procedures for restoring a clean bill of health.

There were door prizes, and a bounty of refreshments for all to enjoy. Home made breakfast tacos a la Brenda Hayter and gourmet quiche a la Michele Sprague were available for lunch. Home made bread a la Jennifer Bryant and deli meats were available for lunch. And of course there were Jane Austin's famous chocolate chip cookies, which didn't last very long -- they never do. Click Here to see more about Teddy Bear Surgery

2-19-15 - Preceptor Fatima Escobedo Joins OMPET - Fatima is a final year Veterinary Student being hosted by Ward Animal Hospital. She will graduate from veterinary school on June 12, 2015. Fatima is the 5th Docling we have mentored at OMPET, and we look forward to having her with us this semester. Pictured at right is Fatima with Dr. Wendy Blount, tending to special needs patient Axton.

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