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News Spring 2015

2-15-15 - O'Malley House Get's a Makeover - Director of Volunteers and OMPET Treasurer Michele Sprague and Founding Volunteer Brenda Hayter worked their posteriors to a nub this week rebuilding the O'Malley House front entryway. We have new paneling, new door face, new porch light and new hardware. It's inviting, and it works flawlessly. The weather didn't cooperate, but where there is a will there is a way! Lots of heat lamps can make up for lots of rain :). It looks awesome.

2-10-15 - Daily Sentinel - O'Malley Alley Cats takes in 24 from Klein Shelter - Cats to stay in foster homes until adopted. Between Nacogdoches and Tyler O'Malley chapters, we pulled 53 cats from Klein Shelter. Of those 53, 2 tested positive for feline leukemia and were euthanized and an adorable Siamese Blue Point kitten died of severe upper respiratory infection. It was devastating. On a brighter note, 5 of the older Klein kitties were transported to Nola's Arc Rescue in Louisiana last Sunday and Kathy Taylor (Woodville Animal Shelter), Micky Clute, Rachel and Diana Hensley transported 26 kitties to Austin Thursday - 14 of which were Klein cats. Thank you Micky Clute, Jennifer Roberts, Kelly Floyd, Taz Kolb, Brenda Hayter, Michele Sprague and Kirk Hensley for fostering until transport. All 24 Klein kitties that Nac O'Malley pulled are now either adopted or in adoption centers. This would not have been possible without our wonderful fosters, volunteers, transporters, donors and O'Malley PET for allowing me to board the cats there for a few days and for squeezing them all in for surgery day. You are all such a blessing.

2-5-15 - Dr. Alyssa Powell of Crockett (left) joined OMPET as a guest surgeon. Dr. Powell donated surgical services for the day, inlcluding 6 surgeries free of charge to animals waiting for adoption at Nacogdoches Animal Services. One of those dogs, Megan, was evenatually transferred to a No Kill Rescue in Longview (Regard4Life), and is promised a forever home. Thank you Dr. Powell!!

1-29-15 - Jane Austin and Carol Power Fetch a Pile O' Pads from Linens for Animals - Linens for Animals has a wonderful program that recycles linens from hospitals and other medical care centers for use in animal clinics and rescues. When a linen has even the smallest defect or stain, it can no longer be used in human hospitals, but we sure can put them to work here. We need lots of packing materials for the post-op pet kennels, where our patients wake up in warm towels and blankies. For a small donation, linens for animals provides a whole trailer full of bedding for our clinic. What a great deal. And it looks like Carol and Jane had a really good time. OMPET volunteers Carol (left) and Jane (right) are pictured below, lounging in the linens. Lori from Linens for Animals is in the center photo.

1-27-15 - TOMACO receives Emergency Grant from PetSmart Charities to help fund medical care for the kitties pulled from Klein Shelter - Thanks to PetSmart Charities for their generous grant of $4750 to help provide medical care for the Klein cats. We continue to appreciate their generosity, and would not be able to do what we do without their support.

1-22-15 - O'Malley PET Speuters 10 Cats Pulled from the Troubled Klein Shelter - Ten of the Klein Shelter cats were altered at O'Malley PET, 7 cats were altered by Dr. Stephen Garner at Southside Animal Clinic, and the remaining Nacogdoches cats were already surgically sterilized. None of the cats had been vaccinated or dewormed at Klein, but we were able to take care of that. Three of the cats we sterilized have already moved on to rescue.

1-21-15 - KTRE - TOMACO finds homes for 39 cats from Klein Shelter.

1-20-15 - KTLV - Klein Shelter animals welcomed at various Texas shelters, organizations - The director of the Klein Animal Shelter and two of its employees were charged with animal cruelty and fired this week. No cat rescues in Jacksonville were available to help with the cats. TOMACO President Diana Hensley and volunteer Mickey Clute sprang into action to help, and traveled to Jacksonville on a moment's notice to pull 45 cats from Klein Shelter on 1-18-15. TOMACO Tyler took 22 cats, and TOMACO Nacogdoches took 23 cats.

1-20-15 - O'Malley PET Petitions Charles Bright Foundation for funds - Our budget was tens of thousands of dollars short last year, but through the sheer determination of our staunchly dedicated volunteers, we kept our doors open all year. We have depleted our reserves and are starting out 2015 with great need. Today we petitioned The Charles Bright Foundation for financial support, largely to replace the support we received from the Charlotte Montgomery Humane Trust in 2013, but have not received since then -- we do keep asking semiannually :). ASPCAPro and TJC Foundation have no funds for us at this time, and we are not eligible to apply for a PetSmart Charities Grant at this time.

1-8-15 - O'Malley PET completes it's 700th surgery!!

1-1-15 - 2015 OMPET Budget Needs - $. Our Budget for this year is $103,651. DSHS (Department of State Health Services) will be supporting us to the tune of $21,160 through the end of August, at which time we hope to be renewed for the next fiscal year. We expect to take in about $20-25,000 in clinic fees, and hope to raise $10-15,000 in donations. That leaves us with a need of at least $40,000 yet to raise. That's a bunch of money. Click Here to make a donation, and check this page often for updates on where our budget is.

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