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The Rex and Sammy Fund

Want to help make sure the pets with the greatest need get the help necessary to see that they are spayed and neutered, for their well being and to reduce the unwanted puppies and kittens in the area? Make a donation to the "Rex and Sammy Fund," in memory of two charming red canine midgets that ran the household of Judy Boynton and Joe Knobloch for some time. Rex and Sammy Funds are used to provide medical care for "special needs" patients who need extra medical care to improve health to a point where they are ready for surgery, those who have medical needs requiring surgery at a local full service veterinary clinic, and those who require extra care after surgery.

To make a donation online, click on the red button on the left side of the page. One hundred percent of funds donated to the Rex and Sammy fund will be used to pay medical fees.

    Sam and Rex were just 16 weeks old when Judy's aunt died. They had been on their own for a few days when they were discovered. Judy and Joe had no plans to raise puppies now that the kids were grown, but somehow it seemed the right thing to do to pick up the pups and take them in. Little did they know how their hearts would be stolen, before they knew what it was about.

    I met the brothers many years ago, when I was seeing patients at the Connolly Animal Clinic, even before I met Judy and Joe. The boys were always together, and almost indistinguishable. Rex was a little more timid, though, usually standing right behind Sam, who was the Front Man. They boarded often, ran out to the exercise yard together, and then back to their indoor run. They knew the way. There really is not much cuter than a dachshund running -- pure joy, with canine abandon.

    It seems like it was no time before their muzzles began to gray, then their eyes, and then even their front feet yielded to white fur. They moved a little slower as time went on, but not much. Sam developed Cushings Disease in his later years. Fortunately, we have pills for that, and the pills worked well.

    I can't understand how a decade and a half passed so quickly. Sam began to have symptoms that we could not attribute to the Cushings Disease. It wasn't long before the tumor growing in his belly reared its ugly head. We said our tearful goodbye on a Wednesday that I will not soon forget.

    It seemed odd to see Rex make the trek to the clinic without Sam -- he reluctantly took the place up front. Fortunately, he didn't have to make his own way for very long. The beautiful red dapple bomb shell who goes by Poppy moved in, and Rex soon forgot how many years he had filed away in his Out Box. He had a puppy to raise, and he took his job seriously. She needed discipline!

    I was grateful that when Rex's time came, Dr. Weatherly was kind enough to help Rex into final rest. The second goodbye would have been even more difficult.

    Rest in Peace and God's Speed, my little red friends. When we think of you, we smile. A real, deep-dish, heartwarming grin.

    -- Wendy Blount, DVM

The portait to the left of Rex and Sam was created at G. Patterson Photographic Studio & Gallery. The gallery has donated a print of the portrait for display at O'Malley House. G. Patterson Photographic Studio & Gallery is a professional portrait studio located just around the corner on Mound Street in Nacogdoches. A professional photographer since 1988, Greg provides artistic and technically superior photography services for a variety of portrait clients including pet portraits. The entire staff pours their heart and soul into creating an enjoyable and rewarding experience for each client photographed. "We believe exceptional portraiture begins with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, so we make sure to have a lot of fun throughout each session. Our goal is for all that enter our studio as guests leave as friends." In addition to family portraits, each year G. Patterson Studio raises funds for the Humane Society of Nacogdoches through their pet portrait promotional event.

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