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OMPET Open House 2015

O'Malley PET's first Open House and Teddy Bear Surgery was a huge success. The OMPET Surgical Staff was on hand to triage the animals as they came in for medical care. The first to arrive was a cream colored cat named Milk who had experienced a mishap with her hind end. She must have scooted in the incorrect manner, causing flesh wounds that required surgical repair. Dr. Wendy Blount and surgical assistant Hannah Bryant made up the surgical team. It was touch and go for ahile, but in the end the operation was a success. You can see Hannah applying the final bandage in the slide show to the right.

Good Samaritin Dylan Page bravely carried the next victim into the OR. It was a green Gator requiring emergency abdominal surgery -- no one knows how the injury actually happened, and Gator wasn't talking. In the photo to the left, Hannah Bryant (center) comforts Gator as Dr. Wendy (right) makes the required surgical repairs. Vet Tech Jennifer Bryant is apparently overjoyed at the outcome, as the skilled surgical team puts on the finishing touches.

Dylan didn't stop at helping the first injured soul. He went above and beyond the call of duty, showin great compassion for a small brown monkey with a neck injury who desperately needed medical attention. After he saw to it that Gator got the help he needed, Dylan managed to get the monkey to safety as well. Pictured at below and left, the crack surgical team applies the final cervical bandage. Pictured below and right are Dylan Page and his mother Lisa Page comforting the monkey as he recovers from surgery.


Exhausted by a grueling morning in the OR, Dr. Wendy was relieved by OR Nurse Michele Sprague who took the afternoon surgery shift. Nurse Practitioner Lauren Gaudette was available for back-up, in case Dr. Wendy or Nurse Michele sent up a smoke signal for help. Sometimes, an extra pair of skilled hands is needed to get the job done.

Pictured at right is Hannah Bryant helping Catalina Mandujano suit up for surgery during the afternoon Teddy Bear Surgery session.

Join us next year for the O'Malley PET Open House. We'll have plenty of gourmet goodies provided by the O'Malley Bakettes, door prizes, and who knows what else? Be sure and bring the tired huddled masses of stuffed animals for a complete makeover. We don't just do surgery repairs -- we can do nose and eye transplants, skin grafts, stuffing replacement and whatever else your stuffed buddies might need. Those patients will require some special TLC aftercare at home, but we will teach you everything you need to know.

See You Next Year!
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